Welcome to the Listoso Smart Mailing List Reader

Keeping up with multiple, high traffic, mailing lists can be a fool's errand. Machine learning and automatic text classification have for many years promised a better solution to this problem. This project seeks to put that promise to the test, by building a custom model of emails of interest to a particular user.

The Listoso Smart Mailing List Reader is Free Software licensed under the terms of the Affero GNU Public License version 3.

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Current Status

Work on this project has just begun. We currently have a concept preview (see instructions below), written in an uncanny mix of Perl and Scala. While the author is using it for keeping track of his own set of mailing lists, the current code is for the most part uninstallable.

If you would like to join the project contact Pablo directly or request to join the sourceforge project. You might want also to swing by the #listosoreader IRC channel.


A demo is available here. This is the author's personal deployed server so it should be the most up-to-date. To access the demo, just log in without a password. You will be using an old DB, which will track your actions but then the DB will reset itself through a cronjob once an hour.

Once you log-in, you can change the radio buttons to see mails older than a day (from the time of acquisition of the demo e-mails). You can also change the 'score threshold' to further see more emails. Clicking in the subject will show you the text of the email. Clicking on the mailing list will show only emails from that list.

More Information

Development information is available at Pablo's wiki.

To gain some insights about the author's motivations behind this project, you might want to look at a Q&A about the Listoso Smart Mailing List Reader.